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What I can’t say

As you probably have read, this blog is dedicated to following a new startup venture that I am working on. The thing that I would like to think is slightly unique is the fact that this blog is starting right at the beginning when the idea is born. That is; at the time of this writing, the startup is nothing more than a figment of my imagination of ‘What could be’….

I do want to take the readers on this journey, but it is also a dangerous time to be letting people in, when there is nothing material to back my idea up. So, unfortunatly, I will need to be particularly vague in the early postings as to what I am talking about. Unfortunate I know, but I still believe that the posts will have enough quality content anyway. Anyway, who lets you in to ride the startup dream right form the start anyway….?

I hope to be able to let things out of the bag as time progresses (and the project progresses), but rest assured, that this blog will definatly be the place where news breaks and the first pieces of information come out.

So I hope you enjoy this startup journey, and I hope that you feel like you should contribute and get lots of value from it.