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About This Blog

A few years ago, I sat on the beach and thought a lot about what I would consider my dream job. Working in web technology, I have often thought about working for the likes of Google or some of the other large IT companies. But the reality is, that the most fun I ever have is working on a new startup. It is stressful, frustrating and difficult, but it is certainly the most satisfying.

I was already (and had been for many years) working on startups. The most difficult aspect of working with a startup, is the money, usually never as much as you would get working for the larger organizations. Its not all about money, but from a lifestyle perspective, you get used to a certain lifestyle – being part of a startup means you need to make sacrifices.

But when thinking what my dream job would be, I always thought that I would like to contribute my skills for the good of mankind (I know, how righteous). What I mean is, I always preferred jobs that had a skew on working with a charity, or a hospital or for the benefit of children. For no other reason other than whenever I have done something like this, I felt good about it. So why not do something you love doing and  also feeling good about it. In fact, for many years, I often thought my dream job would have been working as the CTO for the Red Cross or a similar organisation.

So why this preamble? Well, its got to do with what the blog is about. Some years back, I had an idea about a new web site. I pondered on it and did very little with it over the years (you know, life, kids and a regular job usually gets in the way). But a few weeks back, I started thinking about it again, and 2 things happened;

  1. I worked the idea and evolved it into something I now think is feasible. That is; I really think the idea is now worthwhile to pursue
  2. I decided that I needed to give it a go instead of just letting it fester away. I have a full time job, but I decided that I need to put a few weeknights aside, and the odd weekend (which I am sure will translate to every weeknight and weekend) to get this done

So what is the idea? Well, that I can’t say yet. This is one of those ideas, that I think is quite unique, and this early in the game, letting it out of the bag does mean that I am in jeopardy of being trumped. But the few things that I can say – even though they are quite obvious, is that it is a startup that I am doing where one of the objectives is to create a profit (obvious yes, but makes sense when you hear more about it). The other thing that I can let out of the bag (as if the URL hasn’t told you yet), the purpose of the site is to raise money for charity.

So there you have it. This is going to be a blog about a startup idea (where I am at today), and hopefully following the idea evolve, get built, launched, commercialized and who knows what else.

Welcome aboard, and please contribute, I would love to get everyone’s ideas and feedback.