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I’ve got the next Killer Idea!!!…………….Bullshit

I’ve got the next Killer Idea!!!…………….Bullshit

So you wake up in a cold sweat one night as you are in a ‘half sleep”. While you were in this delirious moment, you conjure up the most amazing idea that is going to make you a bazillion dollars and no one has done it before!!!!!

ho hum…………………..BORING!!!!

This is one of those urban myths that seems to never go away. People are always trying to stumble on that next killer idea. But the thing is, you and I probably have these great “wouldn’t it be awesome if…..” ideas almost every second day. And so does everyone. Since I am in the business of making ideas come to reality, I get my share of friends (also known as nut cases that think I am waiting for them to bombard me with their next great idea) calling me with their idea and are surprised by the fact that I don’t drop everything to work with them !?!?

So if this is not important, what is?

Your Customer!!! Its that simple…

Its much easier to fill an existing void for your customer than it is to convince your customer that they are in need of this fabulous invention. And timing is key, if you get it out too early, there will be no demand (you are trying to convince them they need it); too late and you have missed the market (someone else has beat you to it and your customers already have the product).

Its also important to extract the idea into reality. How much will it cost to build and distribute. “I can get it into every household in the country over the next 5 years!!!”, but when you do the numbers, the revenue you make never catches up to the cost of marketing and distribution (or maybe in 20 years it does) #FAIL.

You need to get ‘real’ customers in front of your product; get feedback, evolve, refine, more experimentation and testing, and work on filling that need.

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