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The 24 Hour Start-up

The 24 Hour Start-up

This morning I came across the most inspiring web site – (watch the 3 minute video presentation here)

Basically the idea was a bunch of developers, business guys and designers got together and delivered a startup, from start to finish in 24 hours. And I mean START to FINISH! They get together and don’t even have an idea, take it through to the point that on the 24th hour they launch the site live. The launch included a blog, twitter account and facebook page. “I love it when a plan comes together”

Then if that was not enough, they then list the startup on eBay and within 7 days get $5,100 for it. Not bad for a day’s work (sure, a long day and they have to split amongst a dozen of them)!

It reminds me of all the developer camps that go on, but I love the energy of this and how they deliver it.

Its a real inspirational story, and makes me want to lock myself in a room for a weekend to see what I could achieve!!!

Check ou their final product – a shop-by-colour website

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