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Legals are Progressing!!

Legals are Progressing!!

For the avid followers of this Blog, you know how much I have been harping on the legal aspects of a start-up. I think anyone that is involved with a successful start-up will never underestimate the importance of this. In fact it is such a big thing in places like Silicon Valley, that it is not unusual for Attorneys (and Lawyers) to be partners in businesses.

After going around in circles within this legal for some time now, I have managed to start getting a positive result. With the help of the Philip Argy (@philipargy) I have now hooked up with the team at Optim Legal. We had our first meeting last Friday, and it was great to chat with like-minded individuals!

They seem to understand what I am trying to do, and how I am trying to do it!

I really am after three things from my engagement with them;

  1. Advice whether there are any gaping holes in the Business Model
  2. Advice on how the whole thing needs to be structured correctly (legally and from a business perspective)
  3. And finally, help with the Terms and Conditions for the site

I anticipate that they will get back to me in the next few days with a plan of attack and I do look forward to working with the team at Optim legal, they really are a breath of fresh air in the legal world!!!

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